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Developing Leaders that Produce 5x Greater Results

We offer custom solutions that help individuals reach their full potential and become extraordinary leaders.


  • Reduce turnover
  • Develop a High Performing Culture
  • Develop the Talent you already have
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Higher Accountability and Commitment to achieving results
  • Higher Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Increased Sales and Market Share
  • Faster Growth and Higher Profitability

5x Better Results

The demand for exceptional leadership has never been greater.

  • Turnover.
  • Inability to attract the right people.
  • Lack of engagement.
  • Lagging revenue.
  • Employee morale.

While market conditions certainly contribute to these factors, the leading cause is culture. What drives culture? Leadership. If your leadership is off by just one degree the lasting impact can be significant. Recent research has demonstrated that businesses with a certain style of leadership are 5x more profitable than those with outdated styles of leadership. The leadership of any organization creates its culture. It is learned by people in the organization observing the behaviors or actions, the comments and the decisions made every day, by the members of leadership at all levels. We leverage your leadership team to create a strong, vibrant culture where high levels of performance become the new norm.

Make it stand out.

Evidenced based research, not opinion


Is leadership something you do or something you are? Results Through Leadership is based on the premise that it’s both. The leader’s “who” is as important as what the leader does.  We hold that leaders should first and foremost develop character habits, not only because it is the right thing to do, but because it builds tangible value for all stakeholders.

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Leaders transform organizations. It is impossible to experience positive growth “in spite” of poor leadership. Results Through Leadership elevates transformation to amplify positive impact.

A Leader Worth

The expected outcome of our development process is a Leader that is character-driven, operating at their utmost potential, and capable of inspiring and eliciting the best out of their team. These leaders create cultures of commitment and accountability.  They engage every employee so that diversity and inclusion are naturally occurring byproducts. Our Leaders not only attract the best employees - they keep them.

In short, we develop Leaders people want to follow.


Real Client Results

We are going to be talented, everything we need to do is above the shoulders. This solution gives us a standardized language and makes the complex process of player development much simpler. It’s the tool we were looking for to take our culture and players to the next level.

— Tony Anan, Atlanta United Academy

“This implementation changed everything for us. How we communicate and perform. New and Used car sales are up 18% and for the first time as an organization we have a group of people getting after big time goals.

— Nick Nichols, Owner Noble Ford

Driver retention in the entire trucking industry was failing, a major customer was demanding greater quality and service. We needed our leadership team to become more accountable. We improved retention 35%. (that alone gave us ROI ten fold). We experienced much more constructive leadership growth and improved customer service as well”

— Schneider National

We experienced a dramatic shift in mindset. Before, I think we often fell into a victim mentality…not anymore. We have much higher morale and and our ability to hit goals has increased tremendously. This education literally changed the trajectory of several of our employees lives. I could go on and on about the positive impacts this has had for us”

— Gary Clough, COO Cutting Edge Restaurants

“After six months we have already achieved 95% of our annual target for cross-selling. We have also seen increases in sales figures that range from 33% to 200%.”

— Peter Bennie, Retail Sales Director, SouthState Bank

”Our problem was that we were growing so fast our people couldn’t keep up. We never dreamed that focusing on how we lead could help a construction company like ours, but we increased jobs completed per installer by 25%, decreased worksite accidents by 87%, and saved over $125K per year in unnecessary costs"

— Vice President, National Power Distribution & Construction Company

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